Monday, August 2, 2010

July Adventures!

For the 4th of July, well actually the 5th we made homemade ice cream. I hope the next recipe we try turns out way better though because I was not a fan of this one. Andrew made us yummy turkey clubs because his pregnant wife craves them quite frequently. I have to include the picture because he for some reason likes to document meals. He's cute!!

Hobo dinners, again with the documenting meals, he asked me to take this pic. They were way yummy though, he did a great job!

Andrew LOVES camping, he seriously gets so excited about any type of camping trip! Last month we headed way beyond the crowded Yankee Meadows to a little camping spot way up in the mountain. We planned to hike a little but it started raining way hard before we had the chance to get started, it was still great to be together and to see Andrew so happy!


  1. What did you use to make the ice cream? A lot of times a really great recipe requires a specific machine to turn out well. The White Mountain Ice Cream makers are the best. You should try one.

  2. Sorry, I am horrible at leaving comments on blogs sometimes. Anyway, congrats on the baby!

  3. Do you have Uncle Stan's ice cream recipe? If you don't, I'll send it to you. Levi loves to camp too. He just took me on a 3 day backpacking trip. I'd say we should send he and Andrew out together, but we might never see them again, so it's probably a bad idea.