Monday, August 9, 2010

Iron Chef???

Last night after dinner I was looking up recipes for sticky buns because we were given a bunch of pecans from Andrew's grandfather and that sounded like a yummy way to use them. Many of the recipes had mixed reviews and lots of them took much more time than I was willing to invest. Andrew kept saying he could just make them from scratch without a recipe, I was skeptical but he said if you add enough cinnamon and brown sugar you can't go wrong.

So while I kept looking up recipes Andrew headed into the kitchen to get started. He toasted the pecans and added flour and eggs and margarine. He kept narrating as if he were on a cooking show, "we'll just add another 1/4 cup of flour so we get that nice doughy consistency." After making a few suggestions and being assigned to make the glaze I was given the title of the "Trusty Assistant."

Andrew was so cute and so excited about making the treat, and I must admit except for the bread being a little thick Andrew's sticky bun creation was pretty tasty.

While cleaning up Andrew said he should be on Iron Chef, now I have never seen the show but I am pretty sure he has a little way to go before he is ready for that.

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