Sunday, May 2, 2010

Graduation Weekend!

We sure love our graduate! We also had an AMAZING weekend visiting with Megan's family! Everyone came but Nathan and Tonya (get better soon you two!) and we had a blast! Everyone got here Thursday, and Friday everyone hung out and had a good time, and then we got to go cheer on Megan. After the graduation we went to Winger's, where we all got far too full and had lots of tasty dinner. We also got FOUR pieces of pie because we had two birthdays, a graduate, and a certificate for a free piece of pie! Happy birthday Jeremy and Marion!
The Rowdy Table
The Popcorn Lovers Table

Friday Night we stayed up way too late playing fun games, and watching a movie! After a little sleep Saturday morning we went to the graduation, and then we had fun and celebrated all day!

Bocce Ball was fun, even when the neighbor's dog ran off with the most important ball!

Next we did some shopping down in Saint George, picking up a sweet arm chair for $25 at the Down East tent sale, and having fun shopping at Kohl's and Tai Pan Tading Company! Next we had a picnic of pulled pork sandwiches and other delicious food items, and went on a hike at Red Cliffs (near Leeds). After that, we had some ice cream and went on the next leg of our adventure, Snow Canyon Park! We went down into the caves and had a great time fumbling around in the big dark rooms. On our way out we had some heads jarred by the lava rock ceiling, but no one was seriously injured. Finally we went to Wendy's for a final bit of nourishment, and then we all headed home and promptly went to sleep.

Red Cliffs hike has some beautiful vistas!

Above we see our "Spelunkers" having a go at Snow Canyon Caves

Sunday after church everyone had to leave pretty early, but we got to finish some delicious "Hamburgers."

Below we see the hard work that went into putting the mini burgers together, and we got to try out Marion's new Cupcake rack!
The "Burgers" really aren't hamburgers at all. For more info click here.

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