Monday, July 27, 2009

Catching Up

Well we finally got all moved and unpacked, and
now we have the internet again, yay!!! I'll probably post pictures of the new place later this week.

Piles of stuff ready to move out of the duplex

Loading the truck

Cleaning the carpet

So much stuff!!

I must admit the place looked like this for weeks, we have spent June and July traveling and SLOWLY unpacking

Ready for the 4th of July parade in Heber, AZ

Time for fireworks

The baseball field at the high school the place to watch the fireworks because they are shot off at the football field. You get to be so close!!!!

There were so many people there!!

So I totally stole this idea from Katie because they were so cute!!!!

These were the treats we took to the Pioneer day BBQ!! While the fireworks were being set off (the ones that the cops didn't take away) the kids kept sneaking into the house, when we went back in they were all gone. They were yummy though, I don't blame them.


  1. I think some of us need a description of those yummies (maybe a recipe too)

  2. Check out the June posts on

  3. I need to come see your pretty new casa!