Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hot Passionate Kisses

A friend told Andrew about this, I have no idea why they call them "hot passionate kisses" but they do. First you take a grasshopper cookie and you bite a little bit off of opposite sides like so.
Then you hold the cookie partly in your mouth and stick the other half in the hot chocolate.
Suck until the hot chocolate comes all the way through the cookie and into your mouth, then eat the cookie.

When Andrew told me about it I thought he was crazy, then we just happened to be having cocoa and toast for breakfast so he tried it, he said it was amazing so I gave in and tried it too. He was right it was AMAZING!! Go ahead try it!!!


  1. Ooh! I'm convinced. I'm excited to try this.

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  3. That's a copy of a Tim Tam slam!!! Which is something from Australia. They sell Tim Tam cookies in the US, now though. You do the same thing, except Tim Tams have chocolate cream in them, (or caramel, or peanut butter.) I learned this from some New Zealanders and some people who went to Australia. SO SO SO SO SO good. Very addicting and rich, though!