Thursday, April 1, 2010

Andrew's Spring Break!!

So I just went on a service trip to the Dominican republic a couple weeks ago with a group of students from SUU along with a local doctor, two nurses, a dentist, and a dental hygenist. We left Cedar City Friday morning at 11 am and arrived in Jaibon sometime in the afternoon of the following day, there meeting up with well over a hundred volunteers from around the US. It was an amazing trip, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! I got to know some great people from around here, and we got to help the people there and learn a TON! There is too much to list everything so I am including a list of top 10 things that impacted me the most from the experience:

10. Traffic Laws (I mean really... do they have any?)
9. No AC. The only times we had air conditioning on the trip were on the bus rides and in the airplanes (I think the airport in the DR had AC too).
8. Sticky heat (at first I wondered why people were just sitting around but then I realized they were lounging during the day b/c it's too hot to do ANYTHING)
7. Food was amazing! I was ready to get back to American food when the week was over though...
6. Living conditions (we saw countless shacks constructed of plywood and just whatever people had) (Below: an abandoned food shack)
5. Medical professionals that came with us and other groups were very selfless, humble people ready to help wherever they could (Below: Dr. Rick Barnes the Dentist and Tressa the dental hygienist)
4. People -I loved being in a position where I was able to give to these people. We taught in the schools, helped provide medical and dental care, and I even helped build the footing for a small rock wall in front of the orphanage (Below: Greg playing frisbee at school/masses at medical clinic)
3. Getting to know the Doc from here in Cedar City and hearing a little about his experience becoming a physician and about his being a physician (Below: Andrew and "Dr. Dan" en route to the DR)
2. I missed Megan more than I expected. I thought about her more and more as the week progressed. Because she was gracious enough to let me take a pic of her the night before I left I had this pic of her on the camera I got to look at from time to time so I wouldn't miss her too much
1. Monday afternoon I translated for a Doc at the medical clinic. It was as though I were the physician because I asked all the questions and explained the diagnoses. It was awesome and got me so excited for the future!

PS Did I mention we went to the beach Wednesday? And then to another on Saturday?? (Below: Beach at Puerto Plata ...I think)

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