Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So Much Going On

I for some reason thought that things would slow down and get into a routine when school started, I was wrong. We began the month with colds for me and the kids. We still stayed busy with a visit from Tori and her cute family (that sadly is not documented with any pictures), then we had baptisms and baby showers and birthday parties and a color run and youth conference. All that with classes and young womens and tests and a teething baby and ward missionary work  and girls nights and not to mention two adorable and busy children. We love our crazy fun life!

 Someone has decided that sitting up and crawling are totally her thing, not to mention getting into everything within reach.

 This kid is so fun!! (You don't want to take care of him when he is sick though, seriously the whining gets out of control.)

 I was lucky enough to participate in the color run with this great group of people! I highly recommend the color run to everyone. It is seriously a big party! Everything is super casual and everything is fun fun fun.

I didn't want my camera to get ruined so I don't have any cool pics of everyone with all the color on them (I'm trying to get some and will update this post if I do). We stayed for the whole event so we were all thoroughly covered by the end of the day, we then stayed and helped clean up for a couple of hours making us look as one girl put it "like we sweat the rainbow."
 If the color run wasn't enough fun I was lucky enough to attend youth conference out at Cherry Creek Reservoir. The theme was the Book of Mormon and we got to spend the day having visits from BOM characters. I love working with the young women!!

 Water fights are always fun!
 We helped with a service project on Saturday morning. We cleared out the vegetation along this wall behind a business in our ward (because people were stealing from the homes in the neighborhood and then hiding there) and I was so proud of all that we got done in just one morning.
 Group picture
 Goofy group picture
 Group picture turning into a water fight
 And more water
And this is how it all ended. Erica put up a good fight though.

 This little girl turned 8 months old!! At eight month Mckenna loves to eat as long as it is big people food, she is not really into baby food, even though she doesn't have any teeth yet. Mckenna sits up all on her own, she basically taught herself because mom was not encouraging that at all, she is a very determined little girl. Mckenna loves Alex and will smile at anyone who will give her attention. We are getting back into having baby girl sleep through the night and she usually takes two naps during the day. Also against mom's will, baby girl has started to pull herself up to standing (for a few days mom kept pushing her back down, but I have stopped doing that). Mckenna still crawls using her feet to push and her arms to pull but she gets around just fine. My favorite is when she comes over to be with me.
 Big brother loves his sister (I think almost as much as he loves having his picture taken)

 Someone thinking she is a big girl.

RVU had their annual Military Appreciation Night so we got all dressed up to go and once again experience the ceremony where they honor the POW/MIA soldiers. The toast is symbolic and emotional and I am truly grateful for our military men and women.

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