Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Andrew has a silly job right now so he got to spend spring break at home with Alex and I. We tried to fill the week with fun activities so we wouldn't feel like we wasted the time. Monday was spent putting stucco on a house with Lindsay and Carson. Alex ran around the back yard the whole time. Tuesday we went to Park Discovery for a picnic.

 Andrew made yummy cookies while I made the rest of the meal.

 Waiting for Lindsay and Carson to get there.

 The boys dared me to try out the kid swing. I was just happy I was able to get out of the thing.

 Wednesday we went to St. George and got to do a session at the temple. It was wonderful! We also go to visit Andrew's grandparents for a while and we always love that.

 Thursdays mean free snowboarding at Eagle Point in Beaver so Alex hung out with his cousins at Aaron and Lacey's (thanks so much) and we spent the day on the slopes.  Lindsay and Carson and Andrew and I took turns with Kynlee in the lodge. The picture above was Andrew's attempt to get Lindsay -who was in the chair behind us- in the picture too. Even though I was was sore afterwards, it was a way fun day! Eagle Point is wonderful and the best part for me is that the chair lifts are a bit slower than Brianhead's so I can get off the lift without falling over. Go me!!
 On Friday my cute hubby came home with kites that were on sale for $1.00. He got himself an Air-force because he was awarded and Air-force scholarship for medical school. I just love that guy so so much!
 Alex likes to have his picture taken and is always asking for it if the camera is around. He loves to say cheese, sadly I am slow and usually miss the smile.
 My two wonderful cuties!!

 We ended the week with our annual burning of the Christmas tree. We said goodbye to Noel, (Nelly for short) and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.
 Marshmallows might be Alex's favorite food, when he discovered them he finished off every one in the house within two weeks. I was happy because I am not a fan of marshmallows and they were just going hard in the pantry. I didn't buy any more after that so Lindsay was the favorite because she brought the beloved marshmallows for Alex.
 We had a wonderful week and hopefully it was a nice break to get Andrew ready for the last stretch of school before graduation.

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  1. Fun times, thanks for hanging with our baby girl.