Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Alex is 2!!

Our wonderful little buddy turned two today! This little guy brings so much joy into our family!
Alex started climbing out of his crib after Christmas so he has moved to a big boy bed and he loves to jump on it.
Alex loves to read stories, he likes when mom and dad read to him and he likes to take turns reading too.
Alex says the family prayer and the prayer at meals most of the time now.
Alex still doesn't like to eat very much, he is pretty picky but most of the time he just has other things he would like to be doing. He loves pizza, pretzels, marshmallows and milk and cheese and yogurt and pancakes.
Alex loves his cars and trucks and likes to carry them all over the house, mom is not allowed to help even if it would make getting into the car easier.
We go to the library once a week and Alex loves to play with the puzzles and pick out books.
Alex asks us to turn on movies all the time, mostly he chooses "A Grinch" or "Cars" but mom is working on others like "Goosy" (A Goofy Movie) and "Beast" (Beauty and the Beast) because sometimes The Grinch says not so nice things. He doesn't watch movies for very long unless he can get someone to sit and watch with him.
Alex loves to give hugs and kisses, he definitely uses kisses as a stall tactic before going to bed.
Alex can say "please" and "thank you" and he sometimes says "excuse me." Other words he says really well are: garbage, ready, all of the colors, color, pizza, movie, yogurt, cheese, cereal, syrup, milk, chocolate (yeah, I'm not the best mom), couch, pillow, car, truck, block, jammies, shoes, copter (for Dad's helicopter) and parts of his body. He still sometimes calls his dad "mommy."
Alex likes to get mom and dad's toothbrushes and use them during the day but he only sometimes likes to brush his teeth when it's time to. We sing "Twinkle Twinkle" twice  to brush his teeth and that usually keeps him happy.
Whenever Alex sees a star he calls it a twinkle twinkle.
Alex loves to sing in the car and he sometimes likes to dance.
Alex loves to be the center of attention. He is usually not shy, when we go for walks he yells to the people across the street, he tries to hand things to people at the grocery store and this week at the library he kept taking books to this nice lady who would read them to him. When friends come over he is usually the entertainment until bedtime around 8:30
Alex usually wakes up around 7:00 a.m. and he takes one nap around 1:00 p.m. but he has really been fighting naps lately.
Alex loves to play at the aquatic center and go for walks and play at the park, he loves blowing bubbles and throwing balls. He loves to play with thing that have lots of pieces like cards or pogs or marbles, mom has to keep an eye on him because he gets into anything he can get his hands on.
He likes to shower or play in the bathtub and he gets to almost every day.
Alex likes going to church and starts saying "nursery" when we get to the building.
Alex pushes the chair around the kitchen to get to things like marshmallows and crackers and cookies, he can also get to the fridge and pull off all the magnets. Also he can then get to the sink and play with the bubbles while mom does dishes.
Alex likes to use a wipe to help clean up the house and sometimes he is a good helper when it comes to cleaning up his toys. He sings the clean-up song while picking up toys.
Alex is full of energy, he loves to jump, and jump on people. He loves to be tickled and swung in the air, sometimes he likes to cuddle. He is still super attached to his daddy but mom gets more cuddles. 
Today whenever Alex saw his birthday cake he would say "birthday" and he loved getting to blow out the candles on his cake. He especially loved having everyone cheer for him after he blew out the candles.

Alex saying cheese on his 2nd birthday

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