Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alex's Big Weekend!!

So it's been a while but I had to clear the camera because it was full so Megan couldn't get to the pictures to post so I get to do it now. The weekend Alex was blessed the Alton and Holyoak clans united for a barbecue and joined Megan and I in our annual Christmas tree burning ceremony.

March 13 was the day Alex was blessed by his dad. Here is our little guy posing for the picture in his cute outfit made by his Grandma Holyoak (thanks Grandma!!).

We loved having so many family members around to take part in this special weekend! There were some long drives but thanks to everyone's help there was some tasty food all weekend! Here's Brian and Alex's beautiful, wonderful, sweet, kind, loving mother!

Let's end with our sweet baby. I'm sure everyone would agree it was worth every minute of driving to be here. Thanks for showing how much you care by coming!

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