Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Belly Pics for Kelsey!

I am now feeling large and dealing with rib pains and stretch marks, but I am loving being pregnant and I love feeling my little guy move inside of me. I am getting more and more nervous, people keep asking if I am ready for the little one to come out and, I just have to say that I am scared of labor and then taking care of a newborn baby so I'll just stick with being pregnant for now, I think I'm pretty good at it.

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  1. Holy moley.... (or however you'd spell that). You look freaking tiny compared to me. We should do a side by side comparison! Haha, but really, you look great! :)
    You are going to be a great mom! The first month is sooo hard (was for me anyway), but it gets to be so much easier and fun. I think the worst thing is just not knowing what to expect ... you can only prepare so much and then it's totally unknown territory. But you will be awesome, and I cannot wait to see your cute little guy!!

  2. You look great Megan! I'm sorry I missed your shower, we had family come into town. I'll drop by your gift next time we are in Cedar :)

  3. Thank you! You are so cute! I am so excited for the little guy to come.

  4. Holy crap you're getting so close!!! :) Don't be afraid of labor...unless you're going natural, then yeah be afraid. :) And don't be worried about being a mom. Once the baby comes, your instincts just kick in. AND I know you and that you will make one awesome mother.

  5. You make such a cute pregnant person! I love you so much Megan!