Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Rocks!!

Wow! This post is a long time coming... We had an awesome camping trip back in May and have been waiting on me (Andrew)to get the pics from Jake so we could post about it.
After a fun couple of days hanging out with Lilly we collected the traditional firewood and were off for Sand Hollow
along with Jake and Mindy Porter. We pulled onto the beach as the sun was setting and after starting the fire and making camp we took some cool pictures and then ate some tasty tin foil dinners prepared by Jake and Mindy (thanks guys!). Next day we ate some tasty breakfast that had a hint of burnt bacon flavor throughout,
played bocce ball and swam in the so-stinking-cold-you-not-only-go-numb-but-are-in-pain reservoir for a short while. Before long though the day grew hot and the sand burned our bare feet so we took off, vowing to return when the water was only uncomfortably cold.
After Sand Hollow we got to go on an AWESOME anniversary day date where we went to Gardner Village (of course we stopped by Sweet Afton's), went to the Hale Center Theatre to see the Three Musketeers, and ate dinner with Lara and Brian!
Since then we have had a pleasant mix of exciting and somewhat exciting experiences (loving every minute we're together). We had a lot of fun going to play with Nathan and Tonya and their sweet girls,
and loved going to Lindsay and Carson's WEDDING! We also got to enjoy the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti Saturday night as well as the blessing of Kayla and Kendra yesterday. Hopefully we'll have more exciting news to post soon!

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